Abandoned Stead is an abandoned farm in northern Evergreen Valley. A sign reveals that formerly it was called Lucidclear.

Ol' Emma Edit

Ol' Emma is a ghost, that can be found in Abandoned Stead.
After a Barbarian assault on Meridian colonel of Second Legion, while searching for survivors found a baby in the arms of it's dead mother. He called the child Emma, in honor of colonel's mother and brought her home as his own child. She grew up to be very beautiful and so was known as "Rose of Evergreen". She fell in love with Alexander, the gardener of the Royal Gardens and in autumn they prepared to marry. Shortly before wedding Emma received a letter from Alexander, asking to meet him in the Pavillion of the Black Lake, their usual meeting place. She went there with Lucy, the young daughter of her adoptive father. When she reached the cave, however, it was not Alexander she encountered but a nobleman called Adam, who was lying in wait for her with the intention of forcing her to be his wife. Emma had a magic scarf, which had the power to make wearer immune from injuries, therefore she invited him to check it out. When Emma arrived in the meeting place, she understood, that she is trapped, and she decided to die, instead of being humiliated. He struck her with Alexander's axe and she died in his hands, having thus saved her honour.
After Adam understood, what he has done, he drowned himself in the nearby lake. In the second day Alexander, while searching for his wife found her dead in the Pavillion, therefore he ran for help to the nearby town. Court founded gory axe of Alexander, decided that he is guilty and ordered him capital punishment. After one year Emma's father died of the mourning of his daughter's death, but her sister became very nervous, and therefore was considered mad; at the age of 81 she died in the mental hospital.

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